Susumu Shingu
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1937 • Born in Osaka, Japan. Susumu Shingu photo
1960 • Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts with a major in oil painting under Ryohei Koiso.
Awarded scholarship by Italian government to study in Rome.
1960-62 • Studied oil painting under Franco Gentilini at Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.
1966 • First showing of three-dimensional sculptures at Galleria Blu, Milan. Returned to Japan.
1967 • Solo show, “Wind Structures,” Shoho Gallery, Osaka and Hibiya Park, Tokyo.
• Ube Open-Air Art Museum prize at 2nd Contemporary Japanese SculptureShow.
1968 • One of eight sculptors chosen to exhibit works at EXPO'70 Osaka.
1971-72 • Visiting Artist, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
1973 • Solo outdoor show, “Wind and Water Sculptures,” PepsiCo, Purchase, N.Y.
1979 • 4th Isoya Yoshida Prize.
• Prizes from National Museum of Art, Osaka, and Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art at 8th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Show.
• Solo show at Asahi Gallery, Kyoto.
1980 • 8th Outdoor Sculpture Prize of Nagano City.
1984 • Solo show, “Breathing Sculptures,” Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art.
1986 • Yokohama Biennale '86 Sculpture Exhibition grand prize and 18th Japan Grand Prix of Art.
1987 • Traveling outdoor exhibition, “Windcircus” exhibited in Bremen, Germany, Barcelona, Spain, Florence, Italy, and Lahti, Finland.
1988 • Invited to International Open-Air Sculpture Symposium to create a sculpture at Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea.
• “Windcircus” exhibited in the United States in New York, Fall River, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles.
1989 • Special prize 6th Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition, Utsukushi-ga- hara Open-Air Museum.  
1991 • Solo show, “Aria Acqua Luce,” Loggia della Mercanzia, Genova, Italy.  
1994 • Outdoor spectacle show, “Kippis and His Friends,” Aono Dam Park, Sanda.
• Hyogo Prefectural Cultural Award and Ube Open-Air Art Museum prize at 14th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Suma Garden.
1995 • Osaka Art Award.  
1997 • Solo show, “The World of Susumu Shingu,” Saitama Arts Theater, Saitama Prefecture.
• Spectacle show, “Cat's Cradle of the Stars,” Saitama Arts Theater.
• 25th Outdoor Sculpture Prize of Nagano City.
1998 • Exhibited a sculpture at EXPO'98 Lisboa.
• Stage setting for “Issey Miyake Paris Collection spring-summer 1999.”
1999 • Exhibited in “Champs de la Sculpture 2000” on Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris.  
2000 • Exhibited in “Vision on Water” in The Hague, The Netherlands.
• Traveling outdoor exhibition “Wind Caravan” in rice paddies in Sanda, Hyogo, Japan and in an uninhabited island, Motukorea, in New Zealand.
In front of his studio
In front of his studio
2001 • “Wind Caravan” on the frozen Lake Inari in the Arctic Circle of Finland, on the rocky hill of Tamdaght, Ouarzazate in Morocco, on the steppe of Undur Dov in Mongolia and on the dunes of Cumbuco, Ceará in Brazil.
• Solo show, “Encounter with Nature” at Maison Hermès in Tokyo.
• Solo show at Glasgow School of Art and Podium Gallery at Glasgow School of Architecture.
2002 • Special prize of 43rd Mainichi Art Award for his Wind Caravan activities.
• Medal with Purple Ribbon for his artistic activities.
2003 • The grand prize at the 20th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Show.
2005 • Stage setting for Jirí Kylián's dance program, “Toss of a Dice,” with Nederlands Dans Theater I in The Hague, The Netherlands.
2006 • Solo show, “Sculptures du respir,” Galerie Jeanne-Bucher, Paris.
2007 • 4th Enku Grand Award.
2009 • Solo show, “Planet of Wind and Water,” at Galerie Jaeger Bucher, Paris.
2010 • The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.

• Open-air exhibit and workshops, “Atelier in the Rice Paddies,” Sanda, Japan.
• Solo show, “Little Planet,” T’s Gallery and Yamaki Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan.

2012 • Art project, “Genki Caravan Yuriage,” in Yuriage, Natori, Miyagi to send wishes and prayers of hope.
• Solo show, “Beyond Time,” at Galerie Jaeger Bucher, Paris.
• Exhibited a sculpture in the basin of the Tuileries Garden in Paris as one of the outdoor exhibits of FIAC.
• Documentary film “Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu’s Dream” by Thomas Riedelsheimer.
2013 • Solo show, “Little Cosmos,” Tanimatsuya Toda gallery and Yamaki Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan.

• Inauguration of “Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM,” open-air sculpture garden of 12 wind sculptures by Susumu Shingu, Arimafuji Park, Sanda, Hyogo.
• Special Exhibit, Susumu Shingu – “Playing on This Planet” at Kobe City Koiso Memorial Museum of Art.

2015 • Open-air performances "Noh of the Wind" and "Jazz of the Wind" at Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.
2016 • Open-air performances "Strawberry Express" and "Jazz of the Wind Vol.2" at Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.
2017 • Open-air performance "Noh of the Wind II" at Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.
2018 • Open-air performances "Jazz of the Wind Vol.4" and "Concert of the Wind" at Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM.
• Solo show, "Cosmos – Susumu Shingu," Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris.
• Solo show, "Susumu Shingu – SPACESHIP," Mudam Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

update on May 14, 2019

» New pop-up book by Susumu Shingu will be released this fall!
» Noh of the Wind III at Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM on May 11, 2019
» Commemorative project of 150th Anniversary of Hyogo Prefecture “ Dialogue: Keiko Nakamura x Susumu Shingu” at Kyosei Center in Arimafuji Park, Recreation Zone on March 2nd, 2019
» Genki-nobori exhibit at Nagisa Park in HAT Kobe on January 17, 2019.
» Exhibit “Susumu Shingu - SPACESHIP” at MUDAM Luxembourg / May 17, 2018 - January 6, 2019
» Exhibit “COSMOS - Susumu Shingu” at Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger in Paris / May 15 - September 22, 2018
» Two picture books by Susumu Shingu have come out! With the Sun by Crayon House and Traveling Wind by BL Publishing.


Peter Buchanan, Renzo Piano, Jirí Kylián and Yusuke Nakahara
Paris: Editions Cercle d'Art


Susumu Shingu

BRAIN CENTER price 3,000 Yen + tax
128 pages with 90 photographs in color
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The book with beautiful photographs to illustrate the magnificent art project, Wind Caravan.

Shingu - Message from Nature

Shingu - Message from Nature
Renzo Piano, Pierre Restany and Susumu Shingu
New York: Abbeville Press Publishers
price US$125
287 pages