Sending encouragement on the wind!

Susumu Shingu launched the art project Genki-nobori after the devastating Tohoku Earthquake.
Genki-nobori are a variation of the Japanese carp streamers. Written messages and drawings of encouragement on the white fabric of streamers shaped like long windsocks carry wishes and prayers of hope to the struggling people who have lived through the disasters. In response to Shingu's call, over 500 people from Japan, including people from Hyogo Prefecture that experienced the Kobe Earthquake, and abroad have participated in this project.

– "Genki-nobori are the ultimate form of wind-sculptures." Susumu Shingu –

Genki Caravan Yuriage

update on September 19, 2017

» “Jazz of the Wind Vol.3,” scheduled to be held on September 17, 2017 at Arimafuji Park, was canceled due to bad weather.
» The sculptures of Wind Caravan are exhibited in the Port City Kobe Art Festival from September 16 to October 14, 2017 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the port of Kobe.
» Sheet of stamps, “Wind and Water Sculptures by Susumu Shingu,” has come out!
» Exhibit “SPACESHIP - Susumu Shing” at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art on March 18 - May 7, 2017!
» Noh of the Wind II at Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM on April 28, 2017!


Peter Buchanan, Renzo Piano, Jirí Kylián and Yusuke Nakahara
Paris: Editions Cercle d'Art


Susumu Shingu

BRAIN CENTER price 3,000 Yen + tax
128 pages with 90 photographs in color
format: 20cm x 21cm (English edition)

The book with beautiful photographs to illustrate the magnificent art project, Wind Caravan.

Shingu - Message from Nature

Shingu - Message from Nature
Renzo Piano, Pierre Restany and Susumu Shingu
New York: Abbeville Press Publishers
price US$125
287 pages